150-Key Mechanical Key System

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Product Details

M150/1 Mechanical Key System

Capacity 150 keys
Dimensions (approx.) 47.5"H x 21.5"W x 4"D
Weight 32 lbs 


  • 150 Key Plugs
  • 150 Tamper Seals
  • 35 Access Pegs
  • 35 Name ID Tags


KEYper Mechanical Key Control

A tried and true solution to manage and monitor key access.

For over 30 years, KEYper Mechanical Key Control systems have been used by organizations around the world to manage access to their keys, physical assets, vehicles, and equipment. The affordable and effective solution can manage from 5 to 150 keys via key board which is wall mounted or installed in a locking metal cabinet.

Low-cost solution

Simple operation

Instant visual audit

Reduced risk

How it works

Each key is secured to a plug, which is locked into one of the numbered positions on the board.

Users insert their personalized access peg next to the desired key, and turn it clockwise to release the plug.

The access peg remains locked in the board, providing a visual audit of which user removed the key.

When the key plug is later inserted back into the panel, the user can remove their access peg while the key is again locked in place.

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Since 1992, KEYper Systems has been a global provider of innovative key and asset control solutions. Based in Harrisburg, North Carolina, KEYper Systems offers a range of security methods, from mechanical boards to state-of-the-art electronic cabinets. KEYper Systems provides security solutions to the top 25 automotive groups in the United States, as well as to top-tier property management companies, military bases, law enforcement, and hospitality organizations.