KEYper Lock Management System (5-75 locks, price varies)

  • $308.75

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Product Details: 

KEYper Lock Management System allows you to manage locks ranging from a 5, 10, 15, 25, 50 and 75 lock system. 

Each board includes:

2 keys per lock 

2 tamper seal lock ID per lock to go with the keys. 

1 access peg per lock

1 tamper seal name ID per access peg

1 cutter

Ex. 5 lock system includes: 5 locks, 10 keys, 10 tamper seal lock ID, 5 access pegs, 5 tamper seal name ID and 1 cutter. 

Access Pegs available in: Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Orange, Teal, Silver, Tan and Lime

Warranty covers functional problems. Excludes replacing locks, keys, tamper seals, access pegs or cutter. 

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