KEYper Systems T-Handle enclosure with M50 mechanical board installed.  Cabinet door open, access pegs, key plugs and tamper seals not shown.

T-Handle Enclosure With M50 KEYper Mechanical Unit

  • $995.00
SKU # M50E

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Product Details:
Black, Powder-Coated Steel Enclosure with the M50 Mechanical Key System. Comes with locking T-Handle. A wall-mounted solution to keeping your keys safe and secure.

M50/E Includes:

  • 50 Key Plugs A1 - A12
  • 10 Access Pegs A13- A24
  • 100 Tamper Seals - A25
  • 10 Name ID Tags - A28

Dimensions: H25" x W25" x D6"  (Measurements are Approximations)
Weight:  48 lbs
Material: 16 Gauge Powder-Coated Steel

Please Specify what color Key Plugs, Access Pegs, and Tamper Seals you would like. If nothing is specified you will receive a selection from our color scheme at random.

Key Plugs available in:
Yellow, Purple, White, Red, Green, Blue, Fushia, Orange, Teal, Silver, Tan and Lime

Access Pegs available in: Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue, Fushia, Orange, Teal, Silver, Tan and Lime

Tamper Seals available in: White, Red, Silver, Yellow, Orange and Blue.

Also, please specify if you would like special numbering of Access Pegs or the Key Board.  If not, you will recieve your system starting with the number 1, carrying forward (E.g. An M50/1 will be numbered 1 - 50).

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