KEYper Mirror Hanger - Qty 25

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Product Details:
Mirror Hanger Identification to be used in conjunction with the KEYper Key Management Systems - Qty 25

Mirrors Hangers can be used to identify the location of a key within the KEYper System.  The KEYper Mirror Hanger is designed to hang from the rearview mirror.  The numbered mirror hanger lets your employees know where the key is located within the KEYper Mechanical Key Control Systems.

Also, use in conjunction with the KEYper Label Printer for the Elite Series or Select Series Key Management Systems.

Approximate Size: 5" x 7"
Approximately .040" thick.
Label size is approximately 3" x 3", and can be customized to fit your needs.

Mirror Hangers are shipped in quantities of 25 (E.g. Qty 1 = 25 mirror hangers).

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