KEYper Systems T-Handle enclosure with M50 mechanical board installed.  Cabinet door open, access pegs, key plugs and tamper seals not shown.

T-Handle Enclosure With M50 KEYper Mechanical Unit

  • $1,165.00
SKU # M50E

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Product Details:
Black, Powder-Coated Steel Enclosure with the M50 Mechanical Key System. Comes with locking T-Handle. A wall-mounted solution to keeping your keys safe and secure.

M50/E Includes:

  • 50 Key Plugs A1 - A12
  • 10 Access Pegs A13- A24
  • 50 Tamper Seals - A25
  • 10 Name ID Tags - A28

Dimensions: H25" x W25" x D6"  (Measurements are Approximations)
Weight:  48 lbs
Material: 16 Gauge Powder-Coated Steel

Please Specify what color Key Plugs, Access Pegs, and Tamper Seals you would like. 

Key Plugs available in:
Yellow, Purple, White, Red, Green, Blue, Fushia, Orange, Teal, Silver, Tan and Lime

Access Pegs available in: Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue, Fushia, Orange, Teal, Silver, Tan and Lime

Tamper Seals available in: White, Red, Silver, Yellow, Orange and Blue.

Also, please specify if you would like special numbering of Access Pegs or the Key Board.  

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