Electronic Key Systems

In any industry, protecting your assets should be a top priority.  For those in need of higher levels of security and accountability, KEYper Systems' offers patented, industry-leading, electronic key management systems.  Our custom cabinets are designed to accommodate a range of 40 to 280 keys, and can easily be expanded to manage over 2,000 keys.  Systems come standard with integrated web-based software, allowing you to customize access parameters, check the real-time status of keys, and generate reports based on user or key activity.  Know who took what key, when, and why!

Contact KEYper customer support to learn more about all of the features and options available with our electronic key management systems, or to request a quote.  Our top-notch, in-house service and support teams are ready to help!

While our electronic key systems must be purchased directly with customer service to ensure we provide the best possible solution for your specific needs, KEYper Store is here to offer easy replenishment of accessories and related products.